Enhance due diligence and integration processes to increase the chances of a successful acquisition

Black Belt Compliance consultants have had many years of experience in managing acquisitions and in developing processes for successful growth through acquisition.

Our experts assist companies in creating adequate processes for vetting the issues of culture, as well as the business strategies and the economics of the transaction.

The M&A and integration process must not only be clearly defined, but must be repeatable by a team that has been trained in using reliable and proven approaches.

A company’s investigative and diligence processes—particularly about culture– must not only be clearly defined, but must be repeatable by a team that has experience using reliable and proven approaches.

Asking the right questions takes experience, and getting the correct answers takes persistence. Our experts help build this expertise into the company’s processes for pursuing its acquisition strategy.

Many companies face obstacles in the transition from due diligence to integration. Our experts help overcome these obstacles through the creation of clear processes that assure a successful transition.

Often compliance processes must be modified to address the new risks at hand. Black Belt consultants are equipped to assist in shaping new processes to assure the success of the acquisition.

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  • Insider Trading Controls
  • Global Trade (Import/Export)
  • Healthcare and HIPAA
  • Supply Chain and Conflict Minerals
  • Ethics Awareness Programs
  • Anti-Trust/Anti-Competition Problem Prevention
  • Human Resources Compliance, including Immigration and Anti-Discrimination