Create processes that all investigations are managed properly—not just the “big ones”

Our consultants focus not only on the techniques for handling individual investigations, but also on the overall investigation process for the broad variety of matters across the company.

In most companies, inquiries in response to complaints or notifications from employees and others are done by a wide swath of functions, including Legal, Compliance, Human Resources, Finance, Internal Audit, Security, Business Unit Management and possibly others.

Some companies focus most of their efforts on the “big investigations” while hoping that other matters will take care of themselves. Our experts emphasize processes that should apply universally to all investigations, with consistent training of investigators across the company.

We assist companies in developing ways for sharing information appropriately through new processes, guidelines, audit standards and training.

Black Belt Compliance consultants work with the client to create processes, tools, and training to fit the company and its culture. We assist in creating the rules governing escalations, hand-offs, reporting and discipline that must be customized and then be made consistent across the organization.

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  • Insider Trading Controls
  • Global Trade (Import/Export)
  • Healthcare and HIPAA
  • Supply Chain and Conflict Minerals
  • Ethics Awareness Programs
  • Anti-Trust/Anti-Competition Problem Prevention
  • Human Resources Compliance, including Immigration and Anti-Discrimination