Create processes that help to avoid the “blame game” after an unexpected risk event

Black Belt Compliance consultants assist companies that want to start or improve their risk management programs.

This includes the basic assessments of the company’s “risk appetite”, the near term identification and prioritization of business, legal and compliance risks that the company is facing, and the more difficult but critically important task of embedding ERM in the company’s strategic planning process.

Our experts have helped companies build ERM programs resulting in prioritization and mitigation efforts that can withstand the rigors of audits, as well as the scrutiny of stakeholders and regulators when a risk event actually occurs and the “blame game” often begins.

Our approach uses best practices to assure that the program is structured to fit the company’s culture, as well as its budget and available resources. We focus on aligning the participation of critical functions and stakeholders in the company to assure their support and the success of the program.

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  • Insider Trading Controls
  • Global Trade (Import/Export)
  • Healthcare and HIPAA
  • Supply Chain and Conflict Minerals
  • Ethics Awareness Programs
  • Anti-Trust/Anti-Competition Problem Prevention
  • Human Resources Compliance, including Immigration and Anti-Discrimination