Create systems and policies that meet regulations and help avoid surprises

Our consultants help you react to the increasing number of requirements around the globe for safeguarding personally identifiable information (“PI”).

We help tailor our clients’ efforts to use best practices to ensure the privacy, security and confidentiality of PI and to protect against unauthorized access to this information. We design processes that enable prompt compliance with notification obligations in the event of a data breach. And even more importantly, our experts will assess our client’s culture and will design practical approaches for mitigating risk and improving data management techniques.

We typically begin by suggesting ways to reduce data storage and to limit the client’s exposure to PI.

Black Belt Compliance has expertise in the design of programs to comply with the “safe harbor” requirements for data in and from the European Union; and are particularly sensitive to the cultural needs of safeguarding EU data.

We routinely interface with works councils in the EU to obtain support for a successful program. Our approach includes increasing awareness of the risks and threats to data, taking steps to control the risk through processes and training, and helping to build a “culture of care” within the company.

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  • Global Trade (Import/Export)
  • Healthcare and HIPAA
  • Supply Chain and Conflict Minerals
  • Ethics Awareness Programs
  • Anti-Trust/Anti-Competition Problem Prevention
  • Human Resources Compliance, including Immigration and Anti-Discrimination