Manage third parties to avoid compliance risk and increase productivity

Our consultants have expertise in creating management programs for all of a company’s contracts, including those with third parties that require careful handling to assure compliance with anti-corruption and other regulations.

We design manual and automated systems that are simple, yet can be adapted for larger and global operations. Our designs enable senior management to meet legal and compliance requirements and to have sufficient visibility to the inner workings of the company and its employees and partners.

Our work begins with an assessment of current processes, tools and needs. We then assist in creating standard contract clauses and templates that are so helpful in streamlining the work of the legal department and any contract managers.

We use best practices to create workflows for the approval and signature of documents within the organization structure and culture of the company. Only then do we work with project leaders to recommend, configure and implement any software applications that may speed and solidify the contract management process.

Our techniques have been tested so as to assure a successful implementation that fully meets the needs and goals of the company.

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  • Insider Trading Controls
  • Global Trade (Import/Export)
  • Healthcare and HIPAA
  • Supply Chain and Conflict Minerals
  • Ethics Awareness Programs
  • Anti-Trust/Anti-Competition Problem Prevention
  • Human Resources Compliance, including Immigration and Anti-Discrimination