Manage third parties and create measurement processes that help manage regulatory risk

Our consultants are well versed in assisting companies with programs to assure compliance under laws such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act 2010.

We routinely assist companies with programs and processes for “knowing their partners” and for vigorously communicating the commitments required for compliance with anti-corruption policies and laws.

From the creation of company-wide policies to the implementation of auditing standards for gifts, gratuities and other payments to third parties, our expertise will bring comfort in assuring a robust effort that will satisfy the most ardent of regulators.

We also focus a concerted effort on the integration of new acquisitions to ensure the participation of new employees and partners in the company’s anti-corruption program.

Our tested techniques include processes for identifying third-party partners and for performing adequate background checks, creating contract protections and certifications, providing training and communication programs, and following up with robust auditing and measurement.

Through our initial assessment process, we ensure that we uncover applicable laws and regulations and that we understand the history and past problems of the client.

Based up that thorough assessment and our extensive experience in the creation and implementation of best practice processes, we help our clients ensure that their anti-corruption programs are best-in-class.

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