Enterprise Risk Management

Create processes that help to avoid the “blame game” after an unexpected risk event

Black Belt Compliance consultants assist companies that want to start or improve their risk management programs.

This includes the basic assessments of the company’s “risk appetite”, the near term identification and prioritization of business, legal and compliance risks that the company is facing, and the more difficult but critically important task of embedding ERM in the company’s strategic planning process.

Our experts have helped companies build ERM programs resulting in prioritization and mitigation efforts that can withstand the rigors of audits, as well as the scrutiny of stakeholders and regulators when a risk event actually occurs and the “blame game” often begins.

Our approach uses best practices to assure that the program is structured to fit the company’s culture, as well as its budget and available resources. We focus on aligning the participation of critical functions and stakeholders in the company to assure their support and the success of the program.

Contract Management

Manage third parties to avoid compliance risk and increase productivity

Our consultants have expertise in creating management programs for all of a company’s contracts, including those with third parties that require careful handling to assure compliance with anti-corruption and other regulations.

We design manual and automated systems that are simple, yet can be adapted for larger and global operations. Our designs enable senior management to meet legal and compliance requirements and to have sufficient visibility to the inner workings of the company and its employees and partners.

Our work begins with an assessment of current processes, tools and needs. We then assist in creating standard contract clauses and templates that are so helpful in streamlining the work of the legal department and any contract managers.

We use best practices to create workflows for the approval and signature of documents within the organization structure and culture of the company. Only then do we work with project leaders to recommend, configure and implement any software applications that may speed and solidify the contract management process.

Our techniques have been tested so as to assure a successful implementation that fully meets the needs and goals of the company.

Internal Investigations

Create processes that all investigations are managed properly—not just the “big ones”

Our consultants focus not only on the techniques for handling individual investigations, but also on the overall investigation process for the broad variety of matters across the company.

In most companies, inquiries in response to complaints or notifications from employees and others are done by a wide swath of functions, including Legal, Compliance, Human Resources, Finance, Internal Audit, Security, Business Unit Management and possibly others.

Some companies focus most of their efforts on the “big investigations” while hoping that other matters will take care of themselves. Our experts emphasize processes that should apply universally to all investigations, with consistent training of investigators across the company.

We assist companies in developing ways for sharing information appropriately through new processes, guidelines, audit standards and training.

Black Belt Compliance consultants work with the client to create processes, tools, and training to fit the company and its culture. We assist in creating the rules governing escalations, hand-offs, reporting and discipline that must be customized and then be made consistent across the organization.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Enhance due diligence and integration processes to increase the chances of a successful acquisition

Black Belt Compliance consultants have had many years of experience in managing acquisitions and in developing processes for successful growth through acquisition.

Our experts assist companies in creating adequate processes for vetting the issues of culture, as well as the business strategies and the economics of the transaction.

The M&A and integration process must not only be clearly defined, but must be repeatable by a team that has been trained in using reliable and proven approaches.

A company’s investigative and diligence processes—particularly about culture– must not only be clearly defined, but must be repeatable by a team that has experience using reliable and proven approaches.

Asking the right questions takes experience, and getting the correct answers takes persistence. Our experts help build this expertise into the company’s processes for pursuing its acquisition strategy.

Many companies face obstacles in the transition from due diligence to integration. Our experts help overcome these obstacles through the creation of clear processes that assure a successful transition.

Often compliance processes must be modified to address the new risks at hand. Black Belt consultants are equipped to assist in shaping new processes to assure the success of the acquisition.

Anti-corruption & Anti-bribery

Manage third parties and create measurement processes that help manage regulatory risk

Our consultants are well versed in assisting companies with programs to assure compliance under laws such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act 2010.

We routinely assist companies with programs and processes for “knowing their partners” and for vigorously communicating the commitments required for compliance with anti-corruption policies and laws.

From the creation of company-wide policies to the implementation of auditing standards for gifts, gratuities and other payments to third parties, our expertise will bring comfort in assuring a robust effort that will satisfy the most ardent of regulators.

We also focus a concerted effort on the integration of new acquisitions to ensure the participation of new employees and partners in the company’s anti-corruption program.

Our tested techniques include processes for identifying third-party partners and for performing adequate background checks, creating contract protections and certifications, providing training and communication programs, and following up with robust auditing and measurement.

Through our initial assessment process, we ensure that we uncover applicable laws and regulations and that we understand the history and past problems of the client.

Based up that thorough assessment and our extensive experience in the creation and implementation of best practice processes, we help our clients ensure that their anti-corruption programs are best-in-class.

Code of Conduct Assessment & Development

Set the “Tone at the Top” and create an ethical culture

Black Belt Compliance consultants are experienced in assessing and developing or revising the Codes of Conduct of our client companies to assure that adequate attention is directed toward compliance activities. These Codes and compliance efforts should be periodically assessed, revised and updated—not only because of legal requirements, but also because of changes in the business and culture of the company.

We focus on the policies and processes necessary for setting the “tone at the top” and cascading it throughout the organization. We advise our clients on recommended communications and training, as well monitoring, measuring and reporting. We assist the company in creating a program with milestones that can be achieved over a period of a few years, as budgets and resources permit.

Our popular ethics course for senior management serves as a precursor for the contents of the Code of Conduct. While laws and regulations are important, our expertise over many years has shown that it is the ethical values of the company that need to be carefully developed and communicated.

Through that one-day program, we are able to explore and develop a set of values that are personalized to the company leaders and to the organization. These values and policies can then be included in a very personalized way in the Code of Conduct communications and training.

Data Privacy & Data Protection

Create systems and policies that meet regulations and help avoid surprises

Our consultants help you react to the increasing number of requirements around the globe for safeguarding personally identifiable information (“PI”).

We help tailor our clients’ efforts to use best practices to ensure the privacy, security and confidentiality of PI and to protect against unauthorized access to this information. We design processes that enable prompt compliance with notification obligations in the event of a data breach. And even more importantly, our experts will assess our client’s culture and will design practical approaches for mitigating risk and improving data management techniques.

We typically begin by suggesting ways to reduce data storage and to limit the client’s exposure to PI.

Black Belt Compliance has expertise in the design of programs to comply with the “safe harbor” requirements for data in and from the European Union; and are particularly sensitive to the cultural needs of safeguarding EU data.

We routinely interface with works councils in the EU to obtain support for a successful program. Our approach includes increasing awareness of the risks and threats to data, taking steps to control the risk through processes and training, and helping to build a “culture of care” within the company.

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