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Is a New Era of Regulation Inevitable?

The increased attention to terrorism and immigration over the last few months has given concern that these issues might herald a new era of increased regulation that may make it more difficult for companies to accomplish their goals and strategies. A few examples include increased visa restrictions, additional immigration regulations,... Read More

Have Ethics & Values Become Passé?

Top politicians are routinely considered not believable and are often viewed with contempt. Fact checkers are kept busy proving their assertions to be wrong. The favorability ratings of US leaders continue at low levels. Imagine this scene where a teenager tries to cover his tracks about reports of his raucous... Read More

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Compliance & Ethics Professional | November 2014
“HP settlement revisits US standards for compliance programs: UK to follow?”

CEP 1114 cover

California Lawyer | July 2013
“Making the Case for Compliance”
International In-house Counsel Journal | Spring 2013
“Implementing Compliance Programs in a Consensus Culture”