Educational Services

Communication & Training


The Black Belt team of consultants includes expertise and experience in developing communication and training to accompany compliance projects. We have a highly credentialed and skilled team that can create effective executive presentations, focus group materials, outreach to stakeholders, business requirements documents, requests for project approvals and updates, and other communications that are so vital to project success.

Our training materials and workshops are considered to be highly effective by our clients. We can provide training that is appropriate and targeted to boards of directors and executive management teams, as well as more basic hands-on, in–person or computer-based training for internal resources that need to support the project.

Our communications consultants play a significant part in creating written policies, procedures and codes of conduct that can be easily understood by their intended audiences.

Mentoring Compliance Executives



Our consultants are sometimes engaged to advise key executives, including general counsels and compliance officers, on specific questions and issues relating to compliance activities. We bring to bear our many years of expertise in working with boards of directors, CEOs and government regulators to assist in assessing the issues and recommending solutions or giving advice. Our clients find our advice and recommendations to be particularly helping in mentoring individuals in new roles with the client’s compliance organization.

Our recommendations for communicating with directors and executive officers have been well received by many of our clients. We often create a “roadmap” for assisting our clients in improving their compliance efforts. Though not necessarily related to a particular compliance project, our consultant’s advice and recommendations can be highly valuable and effective.

Change Management


Our expert consultants are all certified in change management techniques and best practices. We first assess the client’s culture and identify the internal stakeholders who are important to the success of the compliance project. We help the client’s project leadership team create a stakeholder management plan for the project. We carefully assist in the process of communicating with stakeholders, obtaining their inputs and ensuring that we meet the expectations of all the stakeholders who are associated with the project.

Most projects are highly dependent for their success on the support and acceptance of the employees and partners who are touched by them but who may be resistant to change. It is easy to underestimate the importance of providing each stakeholder with clear and convincing answers to the question “what’s in it for me?”

Our expert team helps the client appreciate, prepare, and execute a change management plan that meaningful boost the prospects for the success of any project. Where appropriate, we assist in the creation of communication and training plans that enable stakeholders to understand and support the project goals.