Compliance Program Operations

Legal Program Management


Black Belt Compliance consultants have expertise in legal project management that will help assure success with our clients’ implementation of compliance programs. From the creation of the project charter, to the planning and monitoring of the project, our team will guide the client through the broad range of practices that will bring in the project on time and on budget. We work with the project sponsor and leaders to create a business case that will provide the foundation for obtaining the support that any important project requires.

Our consulting team interfaces with the client’s internal project management resources in a way that is totally complimentary and value creating. Whether the client needs full-time project management resources or simply a consulting team that can mentor and guide existing in-house resources, Black Belt Compliance provides project management expertise that will contribute to the success of the project.

Process Improvement & Redesign


The Black Belt team has many years of experience in creating and designing compliance programs. We are especially attuned to examining the culture of the client’s company and identifying key attributes of that culture before defining a process that we believe will work best and assure success. We work with the client to evaluate organizational structures, workflows and process flows that will be important to the program. We carefully create processes that are most easily susceptible to monitoring, auditing and reporting.

Our consultants rely on well-honed techniques for designing and implementing manual processes that can be fully evaluated and tested prior to investing time and money in automated tools and techniques. We use best practices to evaluate the manual process before committing the client’s internal resources to the time, effort, and budget required for automation. We have a proven track record that clearly supports our design techniques.

Business Operations & Implementation


Creating an effective “office of compliance” is a strength of the Black Belt team. A program’s design can quickly become ineffective unless there are adequate mechanisms built in that will enable continuous measurement and improvement.

Our consultants assist in identifying resources within the client company to enable effective implementation and ongoing operations. By clearly identifying roles and responsibilities for the client’s internal team, Black Belt can help to assure success for future operation of the compliance program.

Monitoring & Auditing


Our consultants assist in ensuring that a company’s compliance programs are proven to be working effectively. Through our project management, change management and other tested techniques, we recommend and create regular inspection and audit processes that can be performed either by internal or external resources. Our expertise extends to creating effective communications to obtain approvals from the CEO, CFO, and others who may be slower to recognize the importance of committing money or human resources to consistent auditing and monitoring efforts. Our recommendations will include effective techniques that can be evaluated by using typical “return on investment” criteria.

Our proven methods include measurement tools such as surveys, focus groups, personal interviews, “lessons learned” and other oversight techniques that have been tested as to their effectiveness. However, in each engagement, our consultants will identify and recommend monitoring approaches that are uniquely appropriate to the company and its culture. We select methods that have been found to be acceptable to boards of directors and to government regulators.