Advisory Services & Mentoring

Code of Conduct


A code of conduct is an important element in creating an effective ethics and compliance program. Too many companies rush into the publication of a “cookie cutter” document that may be easily located and downloaded but does not reflect the company’s true philosophy, strategy and value.

The Black Belt team works with the client company to assess and understand its culture, its risks and its values, and to convey those in a code of conduct that can be understood and acted upon by its stakeholders around the globe. We use techniques and writing styles that are advantageous to early adoption and buy-in.

Program Evaluation & Assessment


The initial assessment process used by Black Belt consultants helps to provide a strong foundation for building the client company’s effective compliance program. Our process can be focused on the client’s entire compliance program, or just on one aspect of the program such as the code of conduct or the anti-corruption policies and program.

We always focus on the client’s culture, industry and business model before making recommendations as to possible improvements to the program. We take into consideration the processes and methods by which the company has published and communicated its current program, and by which it monitors and measures the program’s effectiveness.

At the conclusion of our assessment process—which typically takes a few weeks and involves meetings key executives or stakeholder for the program being assessed—we provide the client with our written recommendations and a roadmap for instituting program improvements.

Our roadmaps and milestones are carefully chosen based upon individual client company characteristics, including the availability of internal resources and budgets. Our assessments are highly valued by our clients.

Compliance Program Strategy & Design


Government regulators are keenly attuned to the design and structure of a company’s compliance program. To be adequate, the program design must fit the client company’s business strategy as well as its geographic footprint.

From the initial design of a program’s organizational structure to the effective use of the available resources and techniques, the Black Belt team assists the client company to create a compliance program having all the attributes of a “best practices” program that will meet the standards and expectations of regulators and board of directors alike.